Today did not go as planned but what was done today was just fine by me with no complaints. I was planning on going to the Job Center about three blocks away from my place but my friend JS did not feel well right away due to a headache. In hopes that this plan to go to the Job Center is on Tuesday with JS, I would make sure these plans are not squashed this time around because plans to go to the Job Center twice this week now … so I hope I am not disappointed again Tuesday.

Anyway, after JS was feeling better she came up to stay with me until 10 p.m. and we had a good time. We also babysat a neighbor’s dog, Jenny, this evening so our neighbor could go to Madison to the Monster Truck Show. Jenny was a good dog most of the time. You should have seen Bing, my cat, and Jenny, neighbor’s dog, play and stare each other down. It was cute and funny. I have never seen a cat get along with a dog for so long but when I saw Bing getting along with Jenny, I was highly impressed and grateful in my heart.

I went down to a neighbor’s apartment for supper tonight of friend salmon patties, creamed corn, rolls, and sparkling cider. We watched a good movie together while we ate and visited. Oh yes, I FORGOT, we also had chocolate pudding …. YUMMY!

With Company Gone Now

I am able to have my house back now and have time for myself even though today was not a day to be alone emotionally. As of today I had found out why it was so hard for me to be alone this past so I am learning that being a woman is not easy for me and many women! Sometimes I wonder!

I will be retiring to bed shortly. I hope my Saturday is a pleasant one…since I am not going to attend church Saturday at the moment due to transportation problems.

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