Will I Catch Up??

Playing Catch Up

I am just finding out that playing catch up is not easy to do…as I am just sitting here right now writing this entry … so I am not going to even try to catch up from last week lost in the shuffle of my journal entries that have not been written yet.

With JS and JR

Today, Wednesday, I am with my two friends JS and JR. We went out to eat at Ponderosa, gone to the pharmacy, to the bread store, and now the library. We have one more stop to make before going home and that is to go see KW and her husband JW for a bit before 5 p.m…

Intermediate Financial Accounting II
It’s Final Week

I will be finished with this class this coming Monday evening by 11:59 p.m. and then I will be jumping into Intermediate Financial Accounting III. I can not believe how fast this class has come and gone. Where did the time go?? I definitely can tell you that it was not wasted … that’s for sure. Anyway, this is my final week of class and have a few homework assignments to do and a final exam, but I believe I shall be ok. This class has been difficult, but I am still hanging in there no matter what happens – especially like a day yesterday was – not a terrible day exactly, but a long one for sure.

Doctor’s Appointment

Yesterday was not a very bad day – just a long one. My kidney has been functioning well for the past (soon to be 19 years March 12) at the age it really is (63 years old) and the time it has been in my body functioning since I was 17 years of age! I am still going strong…even though some other blood counts are showing signs of concern for the doctor to want to take care of – potassium is low and my chloresterol (sp?) is high. I am on more meds to take of both issues and we will go from there.

Time to Go

I will back another time. Gotta go for now.

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