To Suffering Servant & DD Friends

I would really like to let you all know that I appreciate your thoughts on my diary here and believe me, my heart is happy to know all of you. I do have to admit that the situation at hand SS has commented to has not yet been taken care of as I know at this very moment, and I know God is probably not to happy with me at the moment because I have been swearing up a storm because I have been so angry and so upset about the situation with this particular neighbor. Learning that this neighbor does not like young people or animals has really upset me the most along with his thumping, spreading gossip that I am the one who is making the noise in my apartment and such, and the fact that he has been told more than once things and he just does not listen to anything the manager has to say and so he believes what he wants. Does he not realize that the trouble has been causing here, some of the trouble is not geared at me, can cause a major problem or even the boot for him if he does not stop acting like a child? Apparently not if it has not penetrated his skull even the slighest. I have shed many tears in the past couple of weeks that make my eyes ache at night and during the day because of the crap that has been going on below me and two stories below me. Doesn’t this man who has caused so much trouble realize that he is lying through his teeth? God is probably not happy with him, either! I do admit that I have been swearing up and down using words that have been not pleasant but I have been hurt very badly here emotionally to the point that I just do not know what to do anymore except stay locked up in my apartment for a while and not venture out unless I have to again in order to keep myself away from such a jerk as my downstairs neighbor and his so-called girlfriend who defends him every which direction. I can not even pray for a man who has been giving me grief the past couple of weeks because I find it useless because I am so very hurt by all this crap that is going on. I am so mad that I can not cry anymore. I am so mad that I my heart even aches. What else can I do?

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