An Update on My Week So Far

Well, it being only Tuesday, my week is going good so far. Had an appoinment with my general doctor yesterday and the appointment went well and fast after he came into the room where I was waiting patiently. Also, I am looking forward to my eye doctor appointment tomorrow since it has been a month out since my eyes were straightened out and the doctor is going to see me after a month out since the surgery. Anyway, today, being only Tuesday, I had a very good day of relaxation and was able to get some of my daily work done here at home and at school. My cleaning lady came by today and we moved a couple of things around in the livingroom. All has been well with my upkeep of the apartment and the only thing that my cleaning lady grumped about was the fact that Bing’s cat box was in need to be changed. If I didn’t oversleep this morning, which I really did, I would have had it done before she got here but didn’t do it until she got here, lol. I was NOT in the mood to argue with my cleaning lady, that’s for sure since everything else was just fine. After she left, I was able to get to school online for a while, getting some things done there before logging off for the rest of the afternoon. My day was pretty relaxing because I was listening to a CD with birds singing to music in the nackground with a few meows along the way, lol. I almost fell asleep at the computer — not the laptop, but my desktop computer, lol …

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