Feeling Disconnected

The past few days I have had the feeling of being disconnected to the real world but yet aware of things such as school. I feel like I have not heard everything or care to hear everything. This feeling of disconnection of the world has its good and not so good points and the good points is that I am able to tune out things I wish not to hear. I wish I could say what I would like to tune out right now but I am yet not sure how to word my thoughts about a particular someone who is in my life who I love very much but has been showing jealousy, an attitude getting worse and downright immature, and so on but I still deciding on what to do about this particular situation that I wish I could just drop and run away from and never be found again.

Also today would have been Grandma Fox’s 88th birthday if she was still alive but she had passed away ten years ago yesterday morning after 12 midnight. How I remember such a time and date is because I was in the hospital room when my grandma died on one side of the hospital bed while Mom was on the other side. I can not believe that my best friend for practically all my life (over 20 years and watched her children grow up from babyhood) has been gone since yesterday 5 years! My best friend CK-G was my physical therapist for my 2, 3, and 4th grade year in grade school and was my friend to the day she died of cancer returning after 2 years when she had both of her breasts removed.

Maybe that is why I am feeling a little disconnected from the real world right now. Who knows? God does.

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