Choir Practice Went Well

I am tired and ready to go to bed for the night. I had a fine night at choir practice…my abdomen got quite a workout tonight. I did not know I could sing! I really enjoy being in my church choir and be a special part of the Christmas program. I just wish that my parents were going to be around to see me sing among 62 others who are participating in the choir this year. We are singing the birth of Christ and the music is fairly difficult. I have not been in a choir since my junior year in high school so it has been twenty years since I have been in a choir. Being a participant of the church choir is something I have wanted in a few weeks and now have the opportunity today. I do have a singing voice but it just to be projected more so with more umph than it has had in the past twenty years, lol. Choir practice was absolutely fun tonight! Can you sing??

Author: ksmiley

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