This is My Home — Not JS’s …

I do have to admit that when it comes to my place, it is my place, not JS’s or anyone else’s! Yesterday, JS had a little fit about the fact that I was clearing off the numbers and names off my phone on my temporary CID. This is my home and if I got snappy happy, it would not have been a very happy moment for me as well as for JS. I do not understand her since this in my home. I want to tell her, politely anyway, that this is my home and not hers and if she does not like what I am doing then she can leave. I do believe that JS has a lot of growing up to do yet! Her final day of being on probation is today and I do have to admit that her world is going to change dramatically after today because I have this feeling that she is going to get herself in big trouble again, yet. This is my home and not hers.

Author: ksmiley

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