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Honestly, I do have to admit that jealousy is a not so good thing because I feel I have seen jealousy involved between my friend and I the other day. Even though the situation has been supposedly resolved that night before retiring to bed, my friend showed her jealous streak in her the other night that I wanted to clobber my friend in the face because of her stupid acting ways. She got acting so jealous because I got the same MP3 player she got the day before but I bought my the day after she did from the same place. Why do friends have to be so jealous these days. She told me that everyone wants to copy her and want the same thing she has and she also had the gull to say that she wished I waited to get my MP3 later on instead of right away! What a friend she was that night/evening. She even copped an attitude that night that I wanted to cry and scream and with the type of day I had yesterday, it was an awful day for me after 10:30 a.m.

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