JSou Overstepped Her Bounds!!!

Tuesday I had an appointment with my counselor and one of the subjects we talked about was JS’s attitude and jealousy and then I get a bombshell that really hurt my feelings. She called my counselor because I talk about Bing, my cat all the time, and I thought that she overstepped her bounds and she does not understand a few things about my life. Then I get to talking to the manager about the situation that happened at the counseling office and she told me that JS went to her the day before telling her the exact thing. I do not mind that she went to our manager about it, but to my counselor? She then overstepped her bounds and I told her if she did it again our friendship is over. I never called JS’s counselor and tell her about JS’s obsessions because I know her counselor can not disclose any information to me due to the fact that I am not JS’s counselor’s client and all the counselor can do is disclose information that I called. I know that if I did that, I would be overstepping my bounds with her.

Lately JS has been having an attitude problem as well as a big jealous streak and that is my problem with her right now. I wish she would grow up! i wish her parents would do more to discipline her actions before she gets herself into trouble with the law but after talking to her dad, he wants her to learn the hard way if she does something wrong she is not always going to be able to go to her parents to bail her out anymore.

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