My World Today

My world today was a very sleepy one. Both Bing and I catnapped on the bed in the living room from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today together. Yes, Bing slept with me the entire time on my legs comfortable and happy. Having Bing sleep with me all afternoon was a big treat because I believe in most nights I snore him right out of the living room, lol. Anyway, today was not a bad day at all but definitely slow and my body just did not work properly in walking or movement. It is so frustrating having arthritic pain invade my body because it slows me down and causes me to be off balance along with my weight issue and cerebral palsy. I am more embarrassed having balance problems because my weight and physical condition. I want to get rid of my black, four prong cane for good now and forever. I do not use it anyway when I walk from place to place anyway. My friend JS came by earlier today to get online and be with me and Bing for a while, and then company left leaving me and Bing alone for the night. It was a good day today even though I slept all day long practically.

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