Another Altercation

Just like last year, I ended up being a victim to physical abuse of being hit and kicked by someone who I thought was my friend but learned the hard way, it is not so. Yes, this very person who I had a physical altercation with last year was the same person I had another physical altercation with. It all started because she opened her big mouth when she should have kept it shut and the manager of the building told her to not bother me and let me cool down and don’t go up to my place right then. Well, she did not listen to the manager and she came up and let herself into my apartment with the key that I had trusted her with once again and when I told her to leave and leave the key on my kitchen table she shut the door and locked it saying no and then I remember sitting on my bed and she was coming closer and I was so scared at this point that the only defense I had was to scream at the top of my lungs because she was trying to pull my head and hair, and hit me in the face with a fist that had a stack of keys in it. The glasses on my face were thrown off cockeyed on my face and the set of keys hit my nose and pulled off my glasses. I continued to scream at the top of my lungs while defending myself from her attacks. I finally found a way to get off the bed as I tried to get to my apartment door to get out but she had pushed and kicked me away from my own apartment door, so I sat down back on my bed feeling defeated and scared. By then, the door locked, the manager and her husband had gotten to my place and opened the door and the manager looked at my attacker and told her she did not listen and her father was going to be called and I told the manager that my attacker had called the police and told the dispatcher that I attacked her first and also called me a fucking retard and bitch. My manager witnessed my attacker throwing my phone down hard on the kitchen table which made the phone and a couple of things fall to the floor, making the phone’s battery cover come off and the phone was in two pieces with the battery dangling from its place with no cover on it holding the battery in place. My attacker said that she did not intend to throw the phone down that hard and the manager told her, yes you did, and told her to leave my place now. Before the manager left my place, I was dumbfounded, scared, shaking, and said that I did not start this fight and she had come right up and in. The manager told me to take five minutes and get my shoes on and come downstairs to the community room. I did just that and got downstairs. A police officer was there by then and the managers husband and my attacker were in the community room. The manager had called my attackers father and told the officer who was speaking to me that her father was on his way and I told my side of the story and the manager collaborated my story that she told my attacker to leave me alone and she did just the opposite, invading my home by letting herself in with the key I had given. I was asked if I got my key back and also told them that I was not going to let have anyone have my key anymore. The police officer also suggested I no longer give anyone my key anymore as well. The police officers left without making any arrests and the problems did not stop there.

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  1. Yikes! What an awful experience! Reading your diary, I think you are doing the right thing by not going near this girl or responding to her texts etc, but – the worst thing you can do is isolate yourself in your apartment. Take baby steps and get out a bit more each day, around your friends again etc. Refuse to let this girl control you. See that she is controlling you by making you feel scared to leave home and be around others. You can do it- Believe in yourself 🙂


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