What Part of “I Don’t Want a Meeting” Anyone Understand??

The girl who hit, kicked, and pushed me, is still pursuing wanting a meeting and this time it is with the pastor of the church I go to!!! Isn’t that still considered harassment? I do not want a meeting! I do not want nothing to do with her as a friend anymore either, and what this girl did to me is downright unforgettable. I am still upset. I am still healing from the bruises and the emotional pain. I still cry practically ever night over what happened on December 21, 2007 and after when she continued to pursue contact with me after people, several people have told her to leave me alone and the more she continues to pursue any type of contact and the more people she has involved, is pushing me farther away. Getting the pastor involved in this whole situation when I have told him more than once I do not want a meeting I feel I am not heard at all. I finally broke down, as childish as this girl is acting in my eyes, wrote a three page, front and back, letter about how I felt and wanted her to discontinue the behavior she has been having so I can heal from the incident and forgive her, and I do not know how he is going to take it at this point but I will find out tomorrow some time … hopefully. This girl, to me, is someone I wish to not continue to be friends with or even friendly right now. I can not forgive her right now, as it is not Christian-like for me to do so, because of her behavior being so obviously and painfully and downright childish. I do not know how many people she has gotten involved in the situation that happened between us, but I do know that what she has said was a lie because she has been lying to me for several weeks before the altercation — an altercation I knew was going to happen again. No friend – true or not – should be hitting other friends, and this girl is now my ex-friend for the rest of her life. She needs help in her anger and I wish she would just let the situation go so I can heal and get on with my life without her! What part of “I do not want a meeting” anyone not understand?? I am going to have to go to church this morning and thin, of what I am going to write to the pastor and give it to him so he can discontinue the pursuit of having a meeting between this girl and I. She has done her damage!!!

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