Coming to Terms and Being Civil … More Later …

As of yesterday, which was something that had happened because a meeting was called, the girl that hurt me physically and I, had to come to terms to be civil to each other or we would have to find new places to live. Since it is late, and it will midnight here in forty-five minutes, I will write more tomorrow or later in the week. Talk to all of you have a great rest of the weekend. May the truth be known soon and always. I am tired now and I am staying up late tonight since I slept the entire day practically since I woke up at 8 this morning…

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3 thoughts on “Coming to Terms and Being Civil … More Later …”

  1. I suggested that it was time to "Let go…" but I think the manager should acknowledge that you are the injured party.

    If you had filed a complaint against the woman in the first place….but that’s in the past. The only thing you can do now is just ignore her as much as possible. Civilly, of course. 😉


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