My Friday

Today was a beautiful day even though the weather outside was not so beautiful. It was cloudy, chilly, and kind of slushy and slick in places when walking from my friend’s truck to the places we went while running errands and getting back home safely and surely. As soon as my friend, MEE, came by to pick me up to help get around running errands since I do not drive myself, I realized that once I stepped outdoors that I preferred to get my errands done quickly and back home where it was warm and more comfortable, and get my laundry done for the week. MEE did not rush me and I did not rush myself in most aspects but I do have to admit that I rushed a little bit to get out of the chill of the wintry weather we have been having for so long — as I want Spring to be here now! — and that this wintry weather is driving me a little crazy. I am no longer a little kid who loves the idea of going outdoors to be with her friends throwing snowballs, sledding or riding a tobaggon instead of stuck indoors playing with my indoor toys in my little girl’s closet. Oh how I miss those childhood days, phooey all! After MEE helped me get my stuff up to my apartment after running my wanted/needed errands, I took my shoes and brace off immediately, and got ready to do my laundry. A neighbor was going to help me with my laundry to some point — that I was not going to be alone in the laundry room alone because of another particular neighbor — not the girl who attacked me — JS and I are civil and kind to each other now but I am still have my guard up with her ever being a friend of mine ever again. I got my laundry started and done before sundown and then spent the rest of the evening with my Bing Crosby and homework and did not go to bed until 1 a.m. because sleep was not easy to find until then, bringing to the day Saturday awfully quick so I laid down on the bed and snuggled with Bing and fell asleep fairly quick, bring Saturday morning, 11 a.m. awfully quick!

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