Glad I Went to Church Today — Seriously!

Well, I do have to admit that I am glad I went to church today, Missed my friends and fellowship and really enjoyed the sermon one of our members did for this week. Even had potluck today and I enjoyed the food and the time of chat with other members. The sermon touched my heart the most because it was about “true repentance” and it seemed to hit home with last Sunday’s sermon on “are you jealous” at Bethel Baptist Church. It was just nice to be back home at my SDA home church! I missed out on a lot since November, which was my LAST visit to the SDA church. I am a little embarrassed because I did not realize that I had not been to my SDA church all that time. Friends had welcomed me back and asked how I was doing and how was school. I was glad to announce that school was finished and I was not going to lie to anyone about how my emotional life was so I told everyone the truth that depression and anxiety did hit me pretty hard during my absence. A member, a sweet lady, said that school can really stress a person out, and I believe that is so very true. I was just HAPPY to be back at church today. Even my friend PK, who picked me up for church this morning, even asked me if I wanted to do the Scripture reading for next Saturday Sabbath, and I told her I would be happy to do so — another good reason to return to church next week. Way to go, PK! Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Glad I Went to Church Today — Seriously!”

  1. I don’t know where February went, but I’m glad it’s gone. It means Spring is right around the corner. 😀 😀 😀

    I think PayPal is free… I opened up an account awhile back (although I’ve never used it) and they didn’t charge me anything. In fact they stuck a tiny amount of money (I think 25 cents) into my checking account, when that money’s deposited then you know your account is active and ready to use. Go to … setting up an account is extremely easy.

  2. PayPal is free. It’s just a way of transferring money from your account to Kabarty’s account.

    About February: it was a day short of a full month, in spite of the leap day. ‘Spose that had anything to do with it??

    Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. That is an anniversary worth noting!!


  3. So glad to know your doing well. It’s good to hear you had a great time in church today no matter how much sleep you got. I need to get to church, and I know as soon as my grandpa heals from his surgery and my mom gets her car we’ll be able to go. Have a great week.

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