Where in the World Did February Go?

I cannot believe that February is now gone and March has arrived. In 28 days my mom will have a birthday, and 11 days from now will be my 20th year since my kidney transplant. 20 years this month?! WOW! I have a good reason to be celebrating this year, that’s for sure! Last month it was the finishing up with school and this month marks my kidney transplant anniversary … WOW! Where did February go? It did seem to go by very fast even though there was that extra day, leap year this year of 2008, but it still went by very quickly all the same. Time has been on my side and not on my side at the same time so I wish time would make up its mind on what it is going to do for me or not for me. I have so much to worry about as it is and I am doing my best at not worrying about it at the same time — on a serious note.]

It may be midnight here in Wisconsin but that does not stop me from staying up late, now does it? I am up late because I am on a caffeine high right now — silly me should have known better, lol. Two glasses of Pepsi will do it, darn it all! Anyway, I am going to go to church this morning no matter how much sleep I get since I have not gone in a long in a long time to my SDA church in our neighbor town of Milton, Wisconsin. Awake or not, I am going. Someone is willing to come and pick me up and take me to church with them and I am excited about seeing PK too. Have not seen her in a long, long time it seems — like several weeks that seemed like several months if I really think about it. Scary to some point, believe me!!

Well, it’s late and I better be going. I need to go to bed no matter how much it kills me to do so. That is ONE thing about not attending classes right now is causing me some problems. I had a good reason to retire to bed early and get some sleep before the next day in order to attend classes. I am glad, even so, that I am done with school, though. I have other things to focus on now and one of those things on a serious note, is to attend church again at my SDA church I have not attended in several weeks or four months now. A LONG TIME! I am going to say good night.

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