“All Shook Up”

The dinner/theater was awesome. I really enjoyed the show so much. My body didn’t though!! I sat too long and my legs fell asleep and walking on my own without hanging onto someone’s arm was the only way i could get out of the building, lol. After the dinner/theater show was over, one of my favorite neighbors came up and we shared some time together watching TV, reading the paper, and chatting with one another. Anyway, the theater production was awesome and both CD and I enjoyed ourselves a whole lot. The music, the play, and the dance was awesome. The theater production played and sang many of Elvis’ songs and it was awesome. The gentleman who played Elvis/Chad and the girl who played Natalie were both very good, and I practically sang all the songs with them as they danced and sang the songs for us. The theater production was not about Elvis but about everyone/the characters who had dreams to fulfill, love, and misunderstandings about gender. The girl who played Natalie was also named Ed because Natalie had an understanding that she had to be one of the guys to hang around Chad. It was an awesome production. Expensive, but awesome. More later .. have the playlist here and will share all the songs that were played and sung later.

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