Another Busy Day

I thought I was busy Wednesday and Thursday, but today proved to be busy as well. As a matter of fact I met someone new today and she had come over to visit and meet me for the first time today as well. This young lady, three to two years younger than me is from Racine, Wisconsin, and she and her husband moved to Janesville this past summer and have only been here for a short time. We met officially at first. How we met was because of the fact that she sells Avon and I wanted to order some things before the end of the month — like deodorant! Avon deodorant seems to do the trick for me most of the time. I have been working hard on my personal hygiene lately because I promised my parents I would work hard on it so I can get a decent job after finishing college which ended on February 25, 2008 for me – a few weeks ago that seems like an eternity in reality. I sure do miss college but I sure do not miss the homework as much anymore…a little bit though since getting done with college is yet very fresh. Anyway, after meeting RB and having her over for a while, it was nice to have time for myself and I promised that my Saturday was going to be a “me” day to some point. Who knows what Saturday will bring since I will not be going to church with my friend PK due to the fact that she is on call this weekend for Hospice and work. Today was another busy day. Even my friend CD, who I mentioned briefly on March 13, 2008, came up with a shamrock shake for me … yummy, and minty! I love mint shakes and I wish McDonalds carried them all year round!

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