I Guess I Have Plans For Easter Now …

Ok, I did not expect any plans for Eastar tomorrow. I have been invited to be with friends … even for breakfast of sausage and gravy! YUM! I am not sure about the breakfast idea because I was hoping to sleep in a bit and snuggle with Bing. They even want Bing to come with but I do not want to take Bing out of his comfort zone along with carting him along in a carrier he hates with a passion. He has some bad memories of that carrier but I do not know what those bad memories are since he can not talk like us humans. Also my friends have two new kittens and they are yet too small and I want those kittens to grow up and be bigger before Bing meets them if he does meet them. They are adorable little things those kittens are, too! Ray Ray and Little Miss. It is not a problem that Bing won’t get along with them … it is the fact tha they are too small yet. So it looks like I have plans for Easter when it reality I was planning on staying home and being with Bing and just have some me time. I will make the best of my Esater away from home again.

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