Half a Day Gone

Okay, I did not get to sleep until almost 3 a.m. this morning so I slept until almost 1 p.m. and missing two phone calls in the process, lol! I needed my rest but when I got up, I got up for the rest of the day … staying my pajamas today … and I called my two missed calls since they left a message on my answering machine. After making those calls and one of my neighbors dropped by with some food from ECHO’s monthly food pantry, I took my medication and put the food iteams I had gotten. I got a lot of crackers (yoummy) and a couple of bags of asparagus and boy do I love asparagus. As for the rest of my day, I am just going to be lazy-like but not too lazy. I do not need a nap today, lol. Anyway, Bing is resting in my spot on the bed, lol. Good boy, Bingie. Mama loves you lots! As for the rest of my day…I do not know. I think I will be a little artist today. Gotta run for now. Bye and ttyl!

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