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Ok, let me put it this way…I know I have not been writing a whole lot lately but generally I have been busy and my life is just filled with activity from one moment to the next, and then of course, I have my lazy days as well. Today, on the other hand was a fairly good day for me. Had pictures taken of me and my dip;loma and the diploma itself and only one picture of me with my diploma turned out. The ones that did not turn out my right eye was shut in all of them otherwise. I do wonder what is going on with my right eye now!!! It just does not like to stay open during pictures….I hate it. Nothing is wrong with my right eye but I am going to ask about it anyway on April 9 when I go to my eye appointment that day.

I am still excited about getting my diploma in college because now I am officially done with college and more importantly, I have a high school and college diploma now. WOO HOO! I wonder what the excitement is going to be like on June 21st??? Nothing like having my diploma in my hot little hands, right? Anyway, I am a very happy college graduate!

Right now I can not really explain the dilemma I am in but I can tell you that the dilemma is just killing me right now. If I even tried to explain the dilemma right now I would be walking and talking in circles making no sense of it or not getting to the point. What I can say is that I do not need to deal with crap and if I have to walk away from the crap that is going on, I will and that is no joke or lie here. I have better things to contend with and that is the way I feel right now. I have better things to worry about. I am still recovering from things that a former neighbor did to me while he lived here and now that he is gone, I do not have to worry about him anymore, thankfully. I do not have to feel like I am walking on egg shells with this person anymore. YEAH! Some people have to get a life and he was one of them!!!!

I slept in and out throughout the day and I am not sure if I am going to coffee tomorrow morning or church yet. We shall see, though. I have been sleeping in lately.

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