Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World

I am not going to be going private or for friends only as much as I once did. I believe the world needs to know me more no matter what type of day I have. Everyone has a dark day from time to time — just sometimes I feel I have more dark days than just one or two but there is always light at the end of the tunnel somewhere. I just have to find it or open my eyes to the light and walk towards it and believe me, I have seen many dark days this past winter. I am so glad that Spring has arrived even though it has been on heck of a winter getting here to sunny days and warmer weather. Yes, winter and I do not get along because when it is cold, it affects me one way or another.

I know I have not been writing a lot but have made myself known from day to day, but not writing a lot. In other words I have been more quiet than usual … leaving my entries short and sweet and to the point. I am not planning on leaving Dear Diary for two reasons: 1). The Diarists I have met and enjoy reading their entries, and 2). This is my place, my space, and my time away from the real world. Does escaping the real world help? It does and when I do escape the real world for a short time, it does help to be able to come back and fight the real world issues that have come about throughout my weeks, my days, my moments. Right now I have been faced an issue in my own/real life world that needs to be taken to the far reaches of my mind and be seriously thought about because I personally do not need to be played with in such a way that causes me to feel insecure about myself. The issue that I am being faced with today is something I have been dealing with since December 2007, and no I am not talking about the incident that happened in December, but the incident has helped me realize a few important things in life and one of those things is friendship. I have been dealt some crappy cards when it comes to friends and with me wearing my heart on my sleeve, I have had walked away from a lot of friends. I am seriously thinking that I will have to walk away from more friends yet and it adds up to 3 friends right now. I do not need crap from anyone!!!

Today was my mom’s 64th birthday so I called her and sent her an email to wish her a happy birthday but I guess we are going ot be talking tomorrow, and I will find out how her birthday went then, I hope. I hope she had a nice birthday. I know she got my latest email sharing my excitement and pictures of me and my diploma.

Where has the month of March gone??! It is almost over already! WOW!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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