Ok, Confused and Lost at the Moment

Sometimes I wonder about my friends. I told a friend how I felt about one of her friends and it felt like I got somewhat understood and then that other part that was not understood is what I am confused about. The reason I do not care about this one person, the person who is a friend of a friend of mine is because of the fact that she puts her mouth where it does not belong, and this one reason I call my one friend less during the day. Otherwise I like the person but this person does not keep herself out of crap that does not concern her and she is right there anyway minding everyone’s business plus her own. The thought of walking away from this one friend is getting closer to being done because I do not need to put myself in unhealthy situations anymore and I believe that my one friend is in some unhealthy relationships herself but telling her that is not possible if I have tried to express my thoughts to this friend more than once. I do not need to be involved in crap anymore as my health is at stake right now due to the fact that I deal with high pulse and my anxiety levels are not level yet. I have walked away from some people and intend on walking away from more if I have to. I am confused right now and I have to pray about the situation at hand now and go from there. I cannot take anymore crap from anyone because blood pressure, anxiety levels, and pulse are at risk right now. I have a lot of things to look forward to now that I have my college degree and finding work is high priority on my list today and tomorrow and I am not going to waste time of finding a job. I need to be happy … not unhappy. Maybe it would be best if I just moved out of the State of Wisconsin just to get away from the craziness around me. Maybe I should.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Can I make a suggestion? Never say anything to anyone about their friends. It always gets back to them.

    I hope you’re getting some job interviews now that you’ve finished your studies!!! 🙂

  2. I forgot to add that you can’t worry about the choices your friend is making. If you’ve already told her what you think once, and she doesn’t take any notice, it’s her choice.

    Concentrate on yourself, your health, stay positive and hang around positive people 🙂

  3. I agree with DB. Groups of girls = carnal like cattiness. Other chicks will tear you to shreds if you let them. You know who your real friends are. Stick with them and be their friend. Never ever say anything bad about anyone – even if they are catty to you. That always makes you the better person 🙂 And, you can never ever say anything bad about your friend’s friends unless your friend asks you. Just don’t let anyone get under your skin. If they are being catty, it just means they are insecure or jealous. Just ignore it and do your own thing. Like I said: It makes you the better person. Never let yourself dwell on what others may think of you. It really, just simply, doesn’t actually matter whatothers may think or do….

    Such are the rules of the jungle…. 🙂

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