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Dancing Butterfly – Thank you for your tidbit of advice about yesterday’s journal entry. I do understand that what is said can one day bite me in the butt as I have had such things like that happen before. I have been dealing with stuff everywhere I go in my life and it just does not seem to quit no matter if I walk away from it or not. Being a part of drama really stinks to high heaven so I have been staying close to home in my own place with my door locked on most occasions because where i do live myself there is always something unpleasant going on and I do not want to be any part of it. Where my friend lives as well, apartment complexes are good at gossip and rumors, drama happens there too. I won’t say more but I do have to admit that people do have to make their own choices and the choices they make may not be the wisest choice either. I have decided to be apart of some things that involve this one friend and I do not know if this friend fully understands this but then again, I have control of me and me alone. I just have this feeling that people, in general, think they have control of me, but they are sadly mistaken after the fact that I am in control of myself now. If a person thinks I have changed and can not tell me the reason for the change, then maybe that person has changed and putting the blame on someone else and not on themselves.

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