Just One of Those Weeks!!

Well, this week didn’t start out as planned and I can tell you that even today, Thursday, it still is not the greatest for me. I am reserved and talking to only a few people and I find myself shying away from some people because I do not want to bother them with my issues or problems when they have their own. Not much is really going on right now except for the fact that Bing had his vet appointment today and he left with a clean bill of health that cost $100.82. The amount of money that I put towards Bing’s healthcare was worth every penny and every dollar. Bing is my pride and joy and I am going to have him for a very long time. He is one big cat, though…13 lbs! Amazingly, he is a big boned kitty of 3 years of age soon to be. What a boy! Good for Bing! After my appointment for Bing, he was not too happy with me for a while so I left him alone until he gave me the green light that he had forgiven me and began cuddling with me all over again. What a very good Bing!

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