Goodbye Bonnie

Teamster Manor lost a tenant to death a week ago and the funeral was today, and so six of us from the building went to the funeral to pay our respects and say our final goodbyes. It was tough for three of us out of six. There was a little wake at 2 p.m. and then at 3 p.m. the funeral began. Bonnie was cremated so we did not see a physical body, but her presence was there in so many ways as there were several people were at the funeral. Bonnie has touched us all is some way or another and her death had been unexpected and how her death occurred was a mystery because she was having surgery for something and she end up having complications. I am so glad, as bad as it sounds, that Bonnie had complications at the hospital than having been released and complications occurred at home. I am not sure about dying at home.

As we all know births, weddings, and other special occasions are beautiful but has anyone ever heard of a funeral being beautiful? Even though Bonnie’s funeral was short and sweet, I thought that the funeral itself was beautiful. A poem was read and something that Bonnie had shared, after her death, with all of us mourners who attended the funeral.

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