Not Quite But Almost

Ok, Spring colds are just horrible. It is making me feel yucky and worse then it did yesterday and the day before. I have my heat on and I am feeling no heat for once. Took a bath yesterday in the hottest water I can stand and it just got lukewarm in 2 to 3 minutes, and I had to change my water three different times in order to get it to stay hot. The wind, this morning is sounding horrible and fierce but it is only blowing so much. That is what happens when you live on the third floor of TM — it sounds worse than it really is. Not quite but almost in other words. Right now not much is going on. Doing ok. Got up later than usual of course, 9:45 a.m. this morning — no early to bed and early to rise last night and this morning. Bing is laying on the bed right now — good ol’ Bing. Have to take care of his litter box in a while since it has shredded paper in it now — until tomorrow. I am glad to be going back to cat litter myself. Bing just does not like to do his poo jobs in the literbox right now because he has a litter pan liner in the litter box right now and he does not like litter pan liners at all. He wants to see the bottom of the litter box when he goes poopy. Poor Bing! I do feel for him on this little matter….trust me. I have no idea what I am planning on doing today. I do know I am staying home all day long today and not going anywhere today.

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