I Am Enjoying My “Me” Time

It does feel like I have not had “me” time in such a long time and so today it has been a wonderful “me” time evening, My phone, my cell phone rang once today but I did not answer the phone because I was having “me” time. I was able to talk to a dear man friend of mine earlier and told him what was bothering me so some of the venting was taken care of … thanks to a friend’s ear and shoulder. I do have to admit that after my company left around 3 p.m., I got that lonely feeling came rushing in within minutes of her leaving. it was a horrible feeling but my man friend MEE was a very big help. I know that I will be seeing my man friend MEE tomorrow as he is going to make sure I have $ for laundry tomorrow. What a sweetheart. MEE and I have been friends for a long time and he is one of my trustworthy, true, and best friends. My home phone rang a couple of times but I am screening my calls right now because I have been getting calls regarding my car insurance when I don’t even own a car or even drive. Stupid telemarketers!!! They have found their stupid ways of contacting me somehow and I am supposed to be on the “no call list” for both home/land line phone and cell phone. DANG! I HATE TELEMARKETERS and I get so many of those phone calls its pathetic and I HATE TELEMARKTERS with a passion!!! I love talking on the phone, but trying to sell something is not my thing over the phone. Going door to door selling candy bars for a school activity is different according to my opinion. And I sold lots of candy bars in my lifetime of schooling days. I am enjoying my “me” time!! DEFINITELY! Thanks for your comment, Richard. I appreciate it greatly. Hope you are having a good evening yourself. See you in writing tomorrow everyone. I am saying GN for now and will be going to bed shortly. Have things I need to do tomorrow.

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  1. I don’t like telemarketers either. I am on the do not call list too and I still get calls. When I do get them, I let them know that I am on the do not call list and to place remove my name and number from theirs to avoid prosecution! They usually don’t call back, lol. But then…I can be very rude when they keep talking and I tell them to LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY here. I think "me" time is the most important time you can have. Enjoy yours.

    btw your diary is beautiful!

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