My Saturday

Another day, another weekend day I am taking for “me” time. I am vowing to myself from now on, since last week, that I am taking time for “me” and my cat Bing. However, today, I will be taking phone calls only for a select few only. I am dealing with a sore back and despite the soreness, I am moving about, but moving about very slowly. I do not know what I did except maybe sleeping wrong or got up to stand wrong. I am watching recordings of television shows that I recorded days ago. I think I am going to take Saturdays as my “me” time from this day forward and when I go to church with friends on Saturday, my “:me” time will begin right when I get home. I have not been to church on Saturday or Sunday for a long time but I intend on returning back soon. My weekdays have been filled with things to do that by Friday night I am definitely ready to spend the weekend. So far today I am really enjoying my “me” time and had cuddled or snuggled with Bing a couple of times today so far. I even took a nap, a little one, and I feel ok. My back is less sore than it was a few hours ago from sleeping on it correctly and getting some of the kink out. I still do not know what I did to my back. I am doing better now, though.

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