Saturday Evening

My evening has been fine and quiet. Finally finished watched some recorded shows and now listening to The Andy Griffith Show and planning on taking a quick shower before heading to bed for the evening. Did a lot of relaxing, watching television, reading, and Bing cuddled with me three different times. When he is cuddling with me, I do not like to interrupt his napping time with me because he is so cute when he is napping and cuddling with me. When he finally left the bed, I felt I was free to do what I wanted and I wanted to come back and write some more. Maybe after my shower I will come back before retiring for the night. I am not planning on going to church tomorrow morning since my back is aching enough. Thank goodness for shower chairs today, lol, sitting in the shower is better. I do not think soaking in a bath would be a good idea tonight but I have seriously considered that a few times in the past two hours as well even though getting up and out a tub is difficult during this time of the day or evening as we so call it. I did enjoy my “me” time and my phone only rang once so far today and that was when JS called around 6 p.m.. Waking up every morning wondering if HE is going to call me has been on my mind too and she did call yesterday but not today and she still does not get the message of me not picking up the phone to talk to her that I do not want to talk her. She still does not leave me alone exactly. I want HE to leave me alone right now. I am dealing some serious issues right now. I plan on coming back after my shower or tomorrow — see you all later and please excuse me for bickering about some things over and over again. Thanks DD friends and readers,

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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