May Day

With May beginning today, I thought I would share some of my favorite images that I found online having fun doing my thing online since I do not have a job to go to yet.

Anyway, every May 1st I remember a piece of my childhood of a neighbor girl, who was a few years younger than me, always went around the neighborhood leaving May Day baskets of candy and gum for the kids in the neighborhood. I had learned one year that this girl was the girl who left a May Basket on my doorstep when she came running up to me while I was on the front deck and she stood on the wall to hand me a the basket. I never forgot that day that year becausue I believe it was the last year she did it for me because our family moved to out of the country to go back to the city. Remembering this girl doing this, really made my May 1st a special day, as I loved candy and gum back then and still do today, lol.

May Flower #1

flower 2


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