My Mother’s Day AFternoon

CD is home from her weekend getaway out of town so Oreo has her mommy back home for the rest of the Mother’s Day. Remembering the meowing frenzy Oreo had while I visited this morning still rings in my ears and then coming home to Bing meowing his pleasure of seeing me and wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day still rings in my ears as well. What a cat! Bing is my precious little angel boy. Right now Bing is in the bedroom sleeping on the futon and I am allowing him to have his space away from me. At least he knows where I am in the house. I have been in the living room all day long resting and being my lazy self. At least I do not have to worry about Oreo tomorrow morning like I first thought. Taking care of Oreo is fun and it gets me out of my own apartment for a few minutes anyway.

With time being 6 p.m., my afternoon has been quiet and sleepy-like all day long. I got a phone call from my friend RB wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day because I am Bing’s mom was played on my answering machine. That was a nice message I got from RB even though I was not in the mood to answer the phone. I am not answering the phone to just anyone today. I am only accepting certain phone calls from certain people from now on. If anyone calls, my answering machine will kick in on the second ring if I do not answer it by then.

At this time, a little after 6 p.m. now, I do not know what I am planning on doing the rest of the night. I am still dealing with what happened this past week so I am still upset and feeling down and out. Since I live here, I am going to make my apartment as homey as I can while I live here but like answering my phone to certain callers, I am not going to be allowing just anyone into my home anymore. I want to be separate from other tenants from now on. I am still po’d and want to have time to recover.

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