Good night

I know I have not written but I wanted to say good night to all my DD friends and readers of today. I have an appointment tomorrow morning that I want to go to and get an issue taken care of before it festers into something more horrible. I am not a happy camper right now and as a matter of fact, I am pissed and so angry right now that I am seriously thinking of walking away from more people in my life just to get away from the negativity in my life because of the negativity of their lives. I want to share my reasons as to why I am pissed and angry but it is best not to share it to the world wide web. I have gut feelings and those feelings are being taken care of as on right now and tomorrow, and I will be walking away from more people in my life. I have to go before I lose my cool any further. I am going to say good night to my DD friends and readers. Good night everyone! See you tomorrow.

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