A Mixture of Thought Today

Today is my mom’s husband’s birthday so I called him and while was taking the puppies for a walk — their evening stroll — we talked for a few minutes as he updated me on the house they were moving back to, the puppies and their health and Flyer, the Basenji is taking meds for a medical condition, and Shadow, their Boston Terrier and love bug, is doing okay. As for the rest, wishing my mom’s husband a happy birthday was the reason I called, and I have a feeling he knew I was going to call because I always call on birthdays, lol. Even Mom was outside walking the puppies with him. WOW! They had time together.

Bing is doing just fine. He is practically back to his old self. I have realized what a lucky boy Bing really is and the fact that I have a cat that is considered a survivor of animal cruelty really makes a heart grow fonder. I now believe, as I did believe this before of course, that God has allowed me to have Bing in my life for a reason, and I also believe that the accident had last Thursday night happened for a reason for me to find out about Bing’s Bb or shotgun pellets even though when I found out I was mad and the tears that were going down my face were hot tears of anger and I said a few choice words in the process. I was told by a dear friend of mine that my anger was justifiable and I will be ok, and Bing will be ok. It took a little convincing that Bing will be ok.

I had an appointment today with my new psychiatrist. A couple of questions he asked were kind of hard to answer but I did do my best. When he asked about my last psychiatrist I do have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable and I am not sure if he/Dr. C noticed it. We shall see in record when I see my counselor again on June 5. Anyway, my next appointment is July 3, on my birthday! WOW! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that my medication has been upped from 20 mgs to 40 mgs and we will see how things are going then.

Ok, this is something I did not expect. A knock on my door and the person saying who it was … as I sat their listening to their name and their voice, it was like, wait a minute, the only person with that name I know is the person who lives in New Mexico. I was so shocked!!! I was able to see L & J E from New Mexico! It was FUN time at dinner I tell ya!

CD and I got together for a while.

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