Just Rambling … Again …

With CD gone now. I am alone with Bing for the night. I decided to lower the TV’s volume and get myself relaxed and ready for bed shortly, but right now it is a quiet evening at 9 p.m.. I think I will go to bed for the night about 10 or 10:30 p.m. but I am not too sure. I feel I got my second wind for the night. CD knows how to have fun just being here playing with Bing and giving him attention. Bing knows how to show Catie a good time, too, lol. Cats are like kids I tell ya … seriously.

Like I said, I feel like I got my second wind so I am just going to sit here and bring my levels down to a relaxing state and just ramble away, and by 10 or so I will be ready to go to sleep … I hope, lol. I have time for myself now as tomorrow I will have CD over again tomorrow but she will spend the night to be with me and Bing. Bing just loves CD and I am always glad to have Bing in my life … more so everyday as each day passes.

Again, I know I have not really written much in my journal lately and my entries have been fairly short, and over the weekend I did have one day I had no entry … because I have been under the weather emotionally since school ended for me in February on the 25th, and last Wednesday was the day I visited my “new” psyciatrist and my anti-depressant has been upped from 20 mg to 40 mg, and to be honest with you, the psychological part of it in mind it is going to work has already begun the exit of depression and anxiety, thankfully. I am feeling less anxious and less emotional these days but I will still cry at the drop of a hat depending on the situation. My emotions are becoming level again, I think. Ik, this is on personal part of my life that I have been seriously working on these past few days. I know I can not do this alone…no way, but try explaining that to me when I am feeling blah and down, and downright stressed out. Living where I live today would stress anyone out. Better off staying in my own place for the most part for the time being.

With CD gone for the night I have time for myself just to let thought come and go and since I began writing, I have relaxed a little but not enough just yet. Like I said, I am just rambling again, lol.

This is what my world is at the moment at 9:12 p.m. More latear or tomorrow. Gotta run and find Bing as he sort of disappeared, lol. He was munching on some food a second ago but alls too quiet all of a sudden. “Bing, where are you, Little Man?”

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