My Time is My Time

I had time for myself before CD came up and my time was my time. Bing and I were in the same room but in different parts of the room, lol. Bing was not in the mood to be cuddled with me this afternoon, It was just too warm for him I guess. But I am not worried … Bing always loves me every night by bedtime anyway. With CD gone I decided to do some crossword puzzles and relax, and found myself fairly sleepy by 1 p.m.. CD had returned from store around 3 p.m. and by then both of us were dopey and sleepy that CD returned to her apartment until after 6 p.m. when our dinner arrived from Quiznos Subs. Then our evening, the three of us, Bing, CD, and I had begun, awake from our naps and refreshed, and hungry/ Even while CD and I ate our subs, Bing ate his dinner in his bowl. He loves to eat when I eat, lol. Anyway, my time was my time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Tomorrow begins a new day and I will have time for myself again, which I am looking forward to. I have been fairly busy these days once again. No wonder my emotions and moods have been on the upside for the past few days. Yea!!

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