Plans Tonight Have Changed, But I Am Okay

Plans changed for the evening. CD is not spending the night tonight. I personally think that she wants to be with her cat, Oreo, tonight instead and that is absolutely fine with me. I am not upset and CD made sure to tell me that her reason for not spending the night was anything I did wrong. She did, when I did ask, have a good time. Anyway, I know what it is like to want to be in your own home, asleep in your own bed. When I had fallen asleep earlier, with CD here, I wonder if I snored too loud … oops, lol. CD and I did have our time together as planned for the movies, supper, and snacks, and I too had a great time. Having CD over is like a breath of fresh air on any kind of day. We watched The Flintstones starring John G, Rick M, Rosie O, Elizabeth P, and other known guest stars, and I enjoyed watching it with CD. It was a great night for me anyway.

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