Update For Yesterday (Wednesday)

I do have to admit that I have been getting UTI’s a lot lately. I am not sexually active or anything like that because that is the person I am. As a matter of talking about sex is something I find very private and one of the toughest things to talk about like politics and religion. Everyone, in regard to sex, politics, and religion have their rights to their opinions and thoughts, and I am one to keep it that way. Why stir the pot?? No need to. Everyone has their beliefs, their rights, and their thoughts on things run, and that is what freedom is all about and as long as we as a “people” have freedoms, be free is what I believe in. I have my beliefs and I do believe in God, and I love my personal Savior and Lord very much. I have twenty years to show for it right along with my love and understanding, and of course, misunderstandings as well growing up and getting to know God myself. Otherwise I believe I would have been six feet under at the age of 17 due to kidney failure. I had a kidney transplant twenty years ago on March 12, 1988, and I believe that God was not done with me then and still is not done with me now because I am still here today, and I have met some real nice people along te way … some doozies of people too, lol, of course.

Anyway, let me get to the reason for this entry. I did go see the doctor at urgent care, and the doctor who was the urgent care specialist did happen to be my doctor Dr. F, and we talked about getting me on the proper medication for my UTI and I was telling him about the symptoms I was having and the problem I was having going to the bathroom and I was not afraid to say the word “peeing”. i also told him that I was on Cyprofloxin and it was not working this time around, which may not be a good thing for the time being, so Dr. F put me on sometihng else call Nitrofuran (sp??) and also put me on a medication to prevent UTI’s from reoccurring in the future after my course of antibiotics. I definitely have an UTI AGAIN and no more after this —- I am haunted by them!!!!

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