My Tuesday

My day was just fine — as a matter of fact, when I had gotten back from running errands with my cleaning lady, I put groceries, and did my own thing. Was tired and kind of out of it by mid afternoon so I ended up taking a nap … missing recorded television programs I wanted to watch or pretty much feel asleep to. It was a laid back kind of day for me — a day for me and my cat alone. I did not do much of anything really except be lazy — finding myself able to go back to sleep after 10 p.m. last night. Did make plans to have CD over for supper Wednesday night, though, so I am looking forward to that greatly … having CD up here spending time with Bing gives me ample time to do what I want and have company and not be entirely alone for supper hour. That lonely feeling just drives me bananas sometimes and having her here really helps. All is good today and tomorrow I am looking forward to it.

One thing did happen today that tugged at the heart strings and that was a tenant’s daughter said something to me that seemed out of line and was definitely hurtful and downright rude. The things she said to me was something i would not even repeat to anyone even if I was told if I did repeat what she had said to me was repeated correctly. Whatever made her say that I have had no idea of as to why and wish not to know why because I am minding my own business and whatever happened … I have no part of because I have been pretty much in my own place more than I have been out of it. I do not go out of my apartment like I once did because of the crap that has been going on here in order to keep myself sane and justified. I cried for three hours because of this tenant’s daughter and I feel she owes me an apology and I know already that I will never get the apology even if and when I tell this person that my feelings were deeply hurt. JS hardly comes here anymore unless we chat outside in the hallway now-a-days as well because we do not connect like we once did now that she is working and I am yet looking for work.

Lately, my apartment has been my safe place … a place I can call a home of my own even though Bing and I are here renting a space. I have been here for ten years and places like this has the rumor mill and gossip trails constantly moving and going, which makes me sick to my stomach because I have been a product or victim of horrible words and thoughts. I believe this world has become a more hateful place for the Christian people in some areas but that is only my opinion. What is considered a safe haven now except for prayer to God and staying close to home?? It’s horrible … downright horrible!!

I think I have said my peace today — and it only takes one person to get my dander up when I know I did not do anything to that person except be at the wrong place at the wrong time!!!

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  1. I wouldn’t let the person your having problems with bother you. Some people need drama in their lives and I don’t understand why. I would just stick to yourself and just and let her ramble just don’t let it bother you.


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