My Wednesday

I guess you can consider me one of the laziest people in this world today. That was what I was for the most part of the day — all day actually. I got up before 10 a;m; this morning but did not leave my bedroom until after 1 p.m. to get online and later watch television. I read, played Wheel of Fortune, did a crossword puzzle or two. I have been getting into crossword puzzles lately and just love them to pieces. I did one puzzle today that was a little bit harder than the first 79, but number 80 was a good one I have to admit. It had me stumped because the words were longer and a little tougher for me. I even snuggled with Bing and gave him a lot of my time. He has been so happy lately, and ever since Sunday, I have been doing well sleeping in my bedroom. I threw my idea of rearranging my living room a bit to my friend RB and she thought “ok” and let it go at that. Maybe this weekend after I get back from Milwaukee. I am graduating from college Saturday afternoon. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Does that make any sense? It doesn’t to me for some odd reason. Oh well, I am a bundle of nerves most of the time anyway, lol. No, not really. At least I think so anyway.

I will be going to my bedroom after I am done here and getting ready for bed. My TV watching for the day is over with, and I took a shower tonight to get clean from feeling kind of grimy since yesterday. I am not real tired just yet but it is now a routine to go to my bedroom at a certain time to read a book or play my Wheel of Fortune electronic game, or do a crossword puzzle. I have slept on the bed in the living room yesterday taking a nap while trying to watch television but failed, lol, slept for a a couple of hours, but went right to bed or the bedroom around 9 p.m.. I think Bing is waiting patiently for me in there so I better skedaddle for the time being and get in there. It sure is a WONDERFUL feeling sleeping in my bedroom again. Noises are noises around me and the darkness of the room is something to get used to, but I have lighting in the kitchen that helps with the darkness on a more spookier night. Gotta run for now but shall return tomorrow sometime. Good night! I do have more to write but not tonight.. it’s late.

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