A Quick Note

I do love Chronicles of Narnia. I do have the series in books and now in audio book so I can have the story read to me at any given time on my IPod. I love my IPod, but I do not have much room on it now — almost filled up. I am listening, while online here, to the Magician’s Nephew right now. It is awesome. I will be retiring for the night soon though. Good night everyone!!!

Thanks for those who posted a comment tonight. Love ya guys very much and do have a blessed weekend! Gotta love C.S. Lewis!!!

Author: ksmiley

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3 thoughts on “A Quick Note”

  1. Being lazy sounds great to me; I have been lazy too since I’ve been home. I haven’t seen or read any of the Chronicles of Narnia, but if I like Harry Potter I may like that. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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