Friday Afternoon Thoughts…

I do have to admit that today is very slow and I feel like my hours are crawling like snails and my world is just lazy like; Did get to the credit union this morning, thanks to a dear friend of mine, and that is all that I did today, and now I am just sitting here at home, being lazy … on the computer, reading, and what else you think of on a day like today. I downloaded the Chronicles of Narnia audiobooks today and now I am going to enjoy being read to. It is only 3 p.m. in the afternoon here so I will be back, if the weather is good, to write more, but really, I do not have anything to do today. I had a busy week and now it is my time with Bing, of course, lol. Gotta run for now. Back to reading.

Author: ksmiley

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