July 5 #3

RB is still here and will be here for about another hour or less. Had a great day … another one … the 3rd, the 4th, and now I can say the 5th. I do feel a little better now physically but standing up and walking a couple of steps ahead does take effort, and my hair is going in every direction because it has not been combed/brushed or even washed. Today was one of my days of pure laziness. RB is playing on the floor with Bing and he is having a field day and having loads of fun playing with a green feather on a stick. Every time Bing gets a hold of the green feather RB says she caught a catfish, lol. Real cute! Bing is going to sleep well tonight I imagine and hope. Anyway, today has been a good day, and when RB leaves for home, I will have time for myself and we will be getting together again tomorrow and going shopping one way or another at Wal-Mart … hopefully. RB and J have not let me down or made me wonder too much. I am getting better at feeling like I am going to be told something by them and then set up for major disappointment. They’re not the type of people. thankfully, unless I find out later on during our relationship as the days, months, and years continue onward. I do not need ANYMORE disappointments. I have walked away from several people because of such has happened.

Since RB is still here, playing with Bing right now, I will take time to write more after she leaves. I am in the writing mood tonight, lol. What’s new? Wait and see, okay? Suspense is good to some point, right? Yep!

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