June 14 – 12:24 p.m.

My cleaning lady came around 10 a.m. this morning. Actually the time she came is not really known. I did not even look at the time when she called to tell me she was coming up from downstairs after taking care of another client in the building. We got a lot done today and my place is “I hope it is passable” for our yearly inspection tomorrow for the entire building. YIKES1 All is fine otherwise except for a little panic this morning when I found out that we were having an inspection this week, tomorrow, and the anxiousness did creep up inside me very quickly as well. I do not like inspections but have to apply by the rules … like them or not. Otherwise I am okay today. I am even wearing a sundress today. Having one of my dress up moods today to keep cool. While cleaning early I was, excuse the expression, sweating like a pig working so hard and it was so hot in here, and I was trying to let some outside air in my apartment and not run the air conditioner but when my cleaning lady came, the air condition was turn on immediately because it was so hot in here. I am cooled off now since I am right here by the air conditioner, lol. Sometimes I get cold, too but not today.

Now with my cleaning done I am ready for the week.

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