July 16 – Where Is Time Going?

What can I really say about time?! It is going by so quickly at some point and then going by so slowly at another point! Right now time just seems to be taking every second longer than normal. I want tomorrow (Thursday) to be here right now but of course, I have to wait patiently which time is not on my side at this moment unfortunately. Yesterday, last night after 10 p.m., I could not sleep so I got online in my bedroom on my laptop and the slowness of dial up just drove me crazy because it was so slow to the point that time was not going anywhere for some reason … hate those kind of nights when I am feeling hormonal and my body is changing to meet its monthly expectation of a period. Sometimes I wonder why God made me a woman but then again I would seriously think that God made me a woman because that is what he wanted me to be. If he wanted me to be a man, I would have been one but I am not. I am a woman. I am Kristi Karnopp, a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and sometimes I wonder if I wear two hearts on both sleeves, lol. That best describes me I think. Again and again I ask where is time going as if I am not busy enough and on some days, because I do not have a job to go to, I do have to admit that my world is just a pile of complications waiting to be sorted out and made less complicated and less confusing. But this is Kristi’s world … my world I am so dutifully here to fill and find out what God has in store for me from day to day. I can do this …. I know I can! Where is time going? At a regular speed of course because time does not stop for no one … not even a second does time stop for anyone.

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