July 28 – Whoa!

I can not believe that Sunday went by so quickly — of course it would have because I slept for the most part of it or all day long until 5 p.m.. Today was a better day than yesterday I can guarantee that spot a good one, believe me. Had my Bible Study today instead of tomorrow due to a possible conflict with my cleaning gal LB coming over for a bit. I did not get laundry done as planned, though, oops! I will get it done tomorrow, that’s for sure! Just not before Lisa oomes by and helps clean what I have difficulty with. Even Bing Crosby here had someone who wanted to see him today and I was not about to deny his people visiting. Someone from the RCHS dropped by today to see him and he was so very happy and playful, and as usual, a show off, lol. After his company left and my Bible study left, I had the entire day to myself and Bing pretty much lazied about in the recliner and the desk/computer chair which I had so nicely removed him from so I could sit at the computer a while … he seems to want my desk/computer chair whenever I need or want to use it lately, lol. Smart cat! Bing is always good, though. No arguments about him at all. He was a good boy all day long.

I know I have been writing short and sweet lately but I have been busy and just now getting tired. I do have a big day tomorrow and I will, weather permitting of course, be back tomorrow. If not, Wednesday for sure unless the weather does not permit me to do so otherwise. We have been expecting storms lately but none have come to play which I find a little odd because the weather has been cooling off, warming up. and getting hot these days. I still do not have too much faith in weatherpersons on television these days but only go by my instinct and vision of what I see personally myself. Weatherpersons have been wrong enough times for me to only see what I see now-a-days is acurate. Do I sound too harsh here? I hope not because that is not my intentions here. I am just expressing my feelings here right now.

Well, I better go for the night. Bye.

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