8/14 – A Quickie

I have to take Bear outside to do his duties but I intend to be back shortly if the weather cooperates in the meantime as it begun to sprinkle will Bear and I were out a couple of hours ago on his last moment of needing to go outside. I am watching Bear tonight for a neighbor/friend of mine who lives in our building so my Thursday today has already been busy. Been watching Bear since 10 a.m. this morning and saw his master for an hour before she left for school/class at 4 p.m.. Bear has been a good dog all day long for me except for on a couple of occasions of being a puppy and a dog that he is. He barked at another dog while in the building and he almost attacked another dog, a female dog while he was outside with me and his master, my friend and neighbor. If the weather is decent in a bit, I will be back. I do have to vent again tonight for sure. Later…gotta take Bear outdoors for a potty break. Honestly, it is like having change a baby’s diaper every two to three hours, lol. Gotta go. He is a good whiner but a loving pooch. Later…

Author: ksmiley

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