Today was a good day. As a matter of fact, I did not do much of anything today accept read and watch recorded programs for the most part of the day. I enjoy reading and I would and could read a book in two days if I do not have anything else to do, lol. Now I am all set for the weekend for the most part. I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning for a bit. I got up a little after 9:30 this morning and enjoyed my day. Oh yeah, I did do a load of laundry this afternoon which was a few shirts but mainly a set of bed sheets. I am getting tired but not totally. I took an allergy pill a couple of hours ago and it has yet not made me too drowsy, lol. I do not know what is up with that but that is okay with me. I will be fine. I am sleeping in in the morning anyway…smiling at the thought at 10:25 p..m. Wisconsin time. Now I am looking forward to Saturday! I am going to say good night and God bless to all of my Dear Diary friends and readers and come back tomorrow if I can make it.

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