What’s Going On?

Not much here going on right now but in a few minutes I will be seeing the manager to see what is going on for the newsletter for TM. I was going to see my caseworker this afternoon but time escaped her and she did not have time to come see me today so we are planning on getting together tomorrow to run a couple of needed errands. As for the past four weeks, it has been one of those times that there is not enough time for everything. Last Monday I was dehydrated and yesterday I am hydrated once again so no worries there. I am in my fifth week of class now and have two weeks left of class and I really do not want my class to end now yet anyway. Have met some real nice people in this class.

Gotta go for now. Bye for now.

Oh yeah, not going to be home for a while tonight. Getting out of here for a while tonight with a dear and close friend and that will be wonderful.

Can’t type worth a poop today, lol.

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