Time Went By Fast and Slow Today

I am okay… Part of my day went fast and part of it went slow. It depended on what I was doing, where I was going, and what today was all about. School is going okay but I believe it can be better but I am not sweating the small stuff right now since I have this week and week 6 yet to play. I am a tad bit disappointed in regards to my percentage so far but I have two weeks left to bring up my grade up five percent and I know I can do it. Being out of school since February until 5 weeks ago, I do have to admit that I lost the study ability somewhat. That is why I am not sweating it and worried much. I know I can pull myself through the best of the worst and so forth.

My caseworker and I got together for a couple of hours today and I had a great time with her. As a matter of fact, that was the fast part of my day, and then when I got home and got into my routine of the day and took a two hour nap in the bedroom, my time was slower and ticking by so slowly that I just felt like pacing back and forth like a caged lion wanting out to get her pray outside of the cage, lol. I am okay now and I will be going to bed.

I would have gone to bed an hour ago but at 9 p.m. Barbara Walters had a special on tonight interviewing our elected soon to be President of the United States so I listened to the interview and was impressed for the most part of the program. Now with news on…bedtime is definitely coming in a few minutes. All is good right now.

All is good. No complaints tonight. Good night!

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